General Information

The German network of young and future family physicians ‘JADE’ (Junge Allgemeinmedizin Deutschland) welcomes you
to the WONCA Europe pre-conference 2020.

The pre-conference will be held on Wednesday, December 16 and on Thursday, December 17, at Hub 27, Berlin.

What to expect?

…the future's in the air
I can feel it everywhere
blowing with the wind of change…
The Scorpions: Wind of change

The topic of our pre-conference is "Wind of Change in Family Medicine".

Wind of change is not only the inofficial anthem of the fall of the Berlin wall and a perfect expres-sion for Berlin's recent history. Wind of change also reflects the changes in general practice and family medicine as well as societal changes in the concept and meaning of family. Both changes influence our daily practice as young GPs.

Family medicine has, so far, often been based on traditional heteronormative family models. In this pre-conference, we want to widen our horizon and work on the meaning of family. What does fami-ly mean for e.g. for LGBTI-patients, lone parents, lonesome patients, refugee families and patch-work families and so forth?
The results of the pre-conference will be presented at the main conference. We want to stipulate discussions on the main conference with the pre-conference results. Thus, we hope to produce some wind of change for family medicine to shape our own future.

The detailed program will be presented here by early fall.

Venue address

Hub 27, Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin

Pre-conference fee

VdGm Pre-conference 70 EUR
Social event 20 EUR


Registration for the Pre-conference can be performed through the ONLINE FORM.

If you are a doctor in training for GP/FM, or a GP/FM specialist less than 5 years after specialisa-tion you should register as a “Young Doctor” for WONCA Europe 2020. Please note that you are kindly asked to forward signed proof of your status from your university, GP Training Organisation or GP College to: address will be specified soon .

If documentation is not received within 7 days after your registration, you will receive an additional invoice of an amount summing up to the ordinary delegate fee. The amount due is to be settled immediately.