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Tips and Info for Berlin's 12 districts and their distinct neighbourhoods. We share our personal Berlin tips for "Hidden Places"; "Must-Sees" and "Food & Drink" as well as annual event highlights.

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This lately published app showcases Berlin’s history in 200 short stories about freedom and “unfreedom” with audio and video material.

ABOUT BERLIN tells the chequered history of Germany’s capital city in over 200 short stories. The stories have all been selected in cooperation with the Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam. Historians, journalists and the visitBerlin team have researched the content for ABOUT BERLIN and written the stories covering the period from 1871 and into the future. Selected locations are also included as audio files. The app is to be supplemented successively over the next months. With this app, visitBerlin is also primarily addressing the many Berlin visitors, from Germany and abroad, who are drawn to the city by its unique history.

Available for iPhone and Android.