Dear colleagues and cooperators in family medicine,

due to the current pandemic with covid 19 we were forced to postpone the 25th congress of WONCA Europe. We also renamed the conference since our rescheduled meeting is only one month apart from WONCA world congress.

Meanwhile we have set up the framework of the new programme. On morning of December 17th, we will have pre-conference workshops for participants of the main congress which will be opened at 12:30 and closed on Saturday, Dec. 19th, 14:15 CET.

We are proud that nearly all plenary speakers have reconfirmed their attendance. The first round of abstract review has been completed and you have received a notice of acceptance.

Since we have to re-schedule rooms and ascertain who will attend and present in December we have now launched a second round of review. The scientific committee will have to set up a priorisation list about individual format of presentation than we can accommodate in the new programme. Therefore we will have to switch some already accepted contributions to a different presentation format. We apologize that we have to postpone final decision about presentation formats to September, awaiting decisions from the local authorities about rules for larger meetings and feedback from the participants who will attend in December.

On our website we will keep you informed and update you on all relevant aspects. Especially, we will refer to hygiene measures and possible restrictions after September 15th due to covid 19. Your health and your wellbeing are our first priority.

VdGM preconference will take place on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Non-cancelled bookings of the conference will be transferred automatically to the December meeting. But until end of November you or colleagues/friends can still register with the regular fee.

These times are very special. We strive to give you the opportunity to meet and exchange your experiences as well as new knowledge and attitude after all the challenges of the year. We want to celebrate our achievements in family medicine and reflect what will be the threats and opportunities for our core values in the future.

We are looking forward to meet you in Berlin or stay in contact with you from there during our European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress from 17th to 19th December 2020.

Erika Baum and Christoph Heintze
Berlin Top 10 - Volume 8
Museum Island

Berlin's Museum Island is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and home to the city's most important exhibition centres: the Altes Museum (Old Museum), the Neues Museum (New Museum) the Bode Museum, the Pergamon Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery). The collections in these buildings encompass over 6,000 years of art and cultural history.

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