As previously announced European Conference of Family doctors/ DEGAM Annual Congress 2020 will be held in a live online setting to accommodate the current restrictions related to the COVID-19 epidemic. Apart from the virtual lectures (LIVE STREAM) we are planning “POSTER DISCUSSION” sessions.


Each POSTER included in the “POSTER DISCUSSION” will have its own discussion chat box associated for people watching your POSTER. There will be also a “facilitator” to initiate the discussion so you should make sure to be online at the time of your POSTER DISCUSSION to answer possible upcoming questions and make it a lively conference.

Since the known A0 one-page poster format for a physical stand is not easy to digest in a virtual conference we have decided to run it with electronic POSTER document in PDF format.

The posters will be displayed in special POSTER DISCUSSION sessions during the whole virtual conference and, after until the end of January 2021.


POSTERS selected for the Virtual Library should be submitted the same way as a document in PDF format. The posters will be displayed in the Virtual Library during the whole virtual conference and, after until the end of January 2021.

Preparing your POSTER presentation
  • Please prepare your POSTER using a PowerPoint slide TEMPLATE that is available HERE
  • PPTx template size is 67 x 97 cm (width x height). It is recommended to setup width of the document to 67 cm, height of the document is arbitrary, however for easy viewing and clear legibility we suggest keeping the template as it was designed
  • The template (above) includes recommendations for the structure and organization of your POSTER, and it is intended to provide recommendations only.
  • Using corporate design is of course allowed.
  • Recommended minimum font size is 16-20 points regarding document in width of 67 cm.
  • Once you finish your POSTER please save it as a document in PDF.
  • As the document will be in PDF format, zoom function is implemented, therefore any detail such image or chart can be zoomed in.
  • In case of use of photographs, the author must have an approval from the author.
  • The information provided is a full responsibility of the author.
How and where to submit my presentation

PDF files and, in addition, your photo and short bio shell be uploaded before the Conference but please no later than December 7, 2020.

Submission form for recorded MP4 files, pdf files, photo and short bio will be available in your profile from November 26, 2020.

Please upload them via the online form that is accessible after Login in the USER ZONE

  • Login using your login details
  • Click on the item Contribution list in the menu on the left-hand side
  • Click on the title of your abstract
  • Then you will be able to upload your file, photo, and bio