For correct function of the online Conference platform please follow the minimum system requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows or Mac OS based device
  • Latest Chrome and Microsoft Edge internet browsers (other browsers are not fully supported)
  • Noise cancelling headphones with microphone to reduce background noise
  • Stable Internet connection (minimum 10/10Mbps)


To attend the Virtual Conference, please visit the live conference website and click the User Login link in the top right corner of the page.

The site will request your login credentials (email address and password)

  • On your first login attempt the site will ask you to provide your email address (the e-mail address you were registering with), your password will be automatically sent to this address (it is coming from the e-mail address
  • !! Please note the LOGIN to the LIVE part of the Conference will be available for PARTICIPANTS from December 14 / December 15 !!
  • !!! Please note the password for Virtual Library differs from the password for LIVE STREAM !!!



To attend the running sessions, you can find the full Conference program under the Live Stream button. Here find your desired section/hall and the list of sessions will be presented to you. Please click on the Room to enter the stream.
Under Live Stream there is a one Virtual Room available according to the program:

  • Once you click on the room, you enter live stream Conference.
  • For having open program next to the live streaming, we suggest to open program on another tab of the web browser.
! While attending the live stream of the Conference participants have the option to raise their questions in 2 ways !

Questions: Serves as chat for the currently running presentation. It is closed when the presentation ends and cleared before start of next presentation.

Discussion: Is open for the whole room and available through-out the full duration of the event for continuous discussion.

! During your presentation, the questions are reviewed by the chair and will be read by him/her after your presentation ends.


In case you face technical difficulties and need support from our technical team, please contact us through the Helpdesk menu. Here you can find links to download system manuals or use the Chat option to communicate directly with our support personnel.
Type your message to the chat box and click send, this will add your chat in to our support queue and one of our agents will reply to you as soon as possible.

  • You can leave the chat and return to it at any time, it will stay saved for you.
  • You can have the chat open in separate browser window while still watching the live stream or visiting other part of the online event.
  • The Helpdesk operating hours are:
    • Wednesday, December 16 - 14:00-20:00 CET
    • Thursday, December 17 - 08:30-19:30 CET
    • Friday, December 18 - 08:30-19:30 CET
    • Saturday, December 19 - 08:30-14:30 CET

In case of urgent matter, you can also contact our agents from Wednesday, December 16; (2 PM CET) on HOT LINES
HOT LINE 1: +420 601 584 203 (including VdGM pre-conference)
HOT LINE 2: +420 601 322 107 (only for WORKSHOPS, on Thursday and Friday)
HOT LINE 3: +420 601 584 319

Please note we are happy to help you however we would like to kindly ask you to try to use these hot lines only in case of urgent and unexpected matters. Thank you.