Since the COVID-19 pandemic is going on with traveling restrictions and rules for social distancing it is not possible to run a Conference with presence in Berlin. The HOC has made the decision to hold European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress 2020 as a full virtual conference.

What does this mean?

Instead to hold the European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress 2020 in HUB27 conference venue in Berlin, the Conference will be held completely virtually and online. No travel, without obstacles and more opportunities.

Will the virtual Conference take place in the same date as the European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress 2020 dates?

The conference days will remain in the standard format for WONCA Europe Conferences – from Wednesday till Saturday, the date has been already changed to the date December 16-19, 2020.
We are presented with enough possibilities to enhance our annual European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress 2020.


Registration and payments

Registration fees have to be paid in EUR. Please note that payments by bank transfer will only be accepted by December 11, 2020.
You can choose from two methods of payment: Credit Card and Bank Transfer. More details you can find on our website in the registration section.

Can I register during the conference?

Yes, but only on-line payment by credit card will be possible.

I have already registered for the Conference in Berlin. Am I automatically registered for the European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress 2020 Virtual conference?

Yes, you are automatically registered for the virtual conference without any needed arrangements. Further details and guidance on how to navigate the conference platform will be announced in due course.

I wish to cancel my registration; will I receive a refund?

Your fee will be refunded according to the cancellation conditions available on the website. First you have to inform us about the cancellation at familydoctorseurope2020@guarant.cz

When will I receive my refund?

All refunds will be processed after the Conference.

What about my accommodation and conference dinner ticket?

All paid accommodation reservations and conference dinner tickets will be automatically refunded to all participants after the Conference as well.

Will I get CME credits for attending the European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress 2020 in virtual format?

Yes, you will receive credits for attending virtual conference. Certificate of attendance will be possible to download after the conference.

How do I access the virtual conference?

Links and further information on accessing the European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress 2020 will be announced one week before the Virtual Conference at the latest.

What is included in my registration fee for the virtual conference?

Registration fees include:

  • Access to the On-line Conference (Live Stream)
    • Questions and Answers, Discussions, Chat Networking
  • Access to the Virtual Exhibition
  • Access to the recorded webcasts and virtual library during January 2021
  • CME credits

What is the programme for the virtual conference?

You can find the detailesd Programme of the European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress 2020 on the website here.

Will I be able to watch on-demand recordings after the Conference has concluded?

Yes, if you are a registered delegate you can access the webcasts and virtual library once they are made available till the end of January 2021.

What do I need technically to attend the virtual Conference?

To attend the virtual conference, you need a good internet connection, your device or computer, and a valid registration. Your log in detail (such as password) is automatically sent to you once you firstly enter the system with your e-mail address More technical and detailed information will be posted at the official Conference website in due course.

Is there any other specific technical instructions I should be aware of?

Yes. Please note there are these technical pre-requisites

  • Microsoft Windows or Mac OS based device (except iPhones)
  • Latest Chrome or Microsoft Edge Internet browser (Other browsers are not fully supported)
  • Stable internet connection (minimum 10/10Mbps)
  • Some of the older types of iOS mobile phones and iPADS might not be supported for this streaming platform

I have an unanswered question regarding my registration and virtual conference. Whom can I contact?

Please contact us at our e-mail address: familydoctorseurope2020@guarant.cz


My abstract was accepted for the European Conference of Family Doctors - DEGAM Annual Congress 2020 in Berlin. Is it accepted for the virtual conference too?

Yes, accepted abstract are still valid for the virtual conference and will be included in the online platform. All registered authors has been notified by email about format of their virtual presentation.

Will I be able to amend my accepted abstract?

No changes to the abstract submitted are possible.

Will my abstract be published and where?

All accepted abstracts will be available on the Conference website and in the Book of Abstracts (WE website) after the virtual conference.

When must presenting authors pay the registration fee?

Presenting authors must pay the registration fee by October 30, 2020.

I have an unanswered question. Whom can I contact?

Please contact us at our e-mail address: abstracts.wonca.europe2020@guarant.cz

Will there be any detailed information for Chairs and Speakers how to be ready for the Session and or Presentations?

Yes, the instructions for speakers and chairs available at the official website here.

My presentation was originally planned as a workshop. Can I amend the format of the presentation for the Virtual Library?

For originally planned workshops that are accepted for publication in the virtual library, you are free to upload any materials connected to your workshop: e.g. a lecture (can have more contributors, total time no longer than 45 minutes), one slide 5-minute presentation or poster.
We have a function for comments or other remarks for participants of the congress and you are invited to answer them as soon as possible and get into contact with others.
You can also offer to run this workshop outside the main congress time with own organized platform.

My presentation was accepted as a 1S5M presentation for the Virtual Library. Is there any template for the presentation?

Yes, the template for the 1S5M presentation is here.

My abstract should be presented in the Virtual Library. How is the presentation in the Virtual Library organized and where can I find the programme?

There is no specific time for the presentation in the virtual library. Conference participants can watch the pre-recorded presentation at any time. There will be a chat box next to the presentation to answer questions. You do not have to be present at the chat box the whole conference. You can check regularly and answer the questions. The presentations in the Virtual Library will be divided by topics and presentation forms. The Virtual Library is not available at this moment. It will be available during and after the conference.


Will there be an Exhibition at the virtual conference?

Yes, there will be a virtual exhibition and contact with exhibitors.

Will there be Exhibition opportunities for the virtual conference?

There will be virtual exhibition, meet the sessions, online advertising possibilities, and more. For further information, please visit our website regularly.

I am a commercial company and would like to participate in the virtual exhibition. Who should I contact?

Please contact koudelkova@guarant.cz for all inquiries regarding the above.

I am a WONCA national/international/specialist society. Can I participate in the virtual exhibition?

Yes, all WONCA societies members are welcome to participate in the virtual exhibition and will receive more information at a later stage.

For any other questions, please contact the following: