Explanation for those who have submitted an abstract

Our virtual conference has limited space for life presentations. We only can set up the programme when we know who will take part definitively. If persons retire their presentation without having paid the congress fee, we have a gap in presentations and finances. For reasons of fairness, we cannot promise a life presentation to someone as long as we do not know who will join us.

However, we can promise you that all accepted presentations- whether life or in library only- get the same confirmation letter and will be refunded equally.

In the library, there is also a function for direct questions to the authors and they get an alert if such a question has dropped in. So also in this format, prompt contact between presenter and persons with requests or suggestions is possible and planned.

Science slam as well as many workshops cannot be included in life programme. In this case, you are free to switch to a lecture or other format to be presented in the virtual library. One slide 5 minutes is also a format which fits better to the virtual library than to life online presentations and we will find individual solutions for state of the art sessions and symposia.

For many posters with high grade by reviewers there will be an upgrade with moderated discussion rounds in late afternoon.

By registering and paying before knowing the definite programme you show that you are not only interested in presenting but also your commitment to our WONCA family. So registering for the conference and paying the fee is also an act of solidarity with WONCA Europe and our common aims of family medicine.

Abstract Submission Deadline

January 10, 2020 January 31, 2020

Abstract Delivery Notification

Authors will be notified about the delivery of their abstract by e-mail immediately. In case you will not receive confirmation within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. In case of no confirmation e-mail, please contact:

Abstract Acceptance Notification

Authors will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of their Abstract by e-mail on April 30, 2020.
Presenting authors must pay the registration fee by October 30, 2020.

Submission Guidelines for Presentation Catagories

  • State of the art session
  • Workshop
  • WONCA Symposium
  • Oral: Workshop report from the practice
  • Oral: Science Slam
  • Oral: Lecture
  • Oral: 1 Slide – 5 minutes lecture
  • Case presentation by young doctors
  • Poster:
    • Poster on paper + ePoster
    • ePoster only
State of the art session: 60 or 75 minutes. Presentation and discussion of new medical aspects/knowledge/publications which could change our work in General Practice (GP)/Family medicine (FM)

Workshop: 60 or 75 minutes. Interactive group sessions about relevant topics for GP/FM, can also be used to train practical skills

WONCA Symposium: 60 or 75 minutes. Presentation and discussion of different aspects of a special topic. To apply for a symposium, a framework abstract must be submitted which describes the overall topic, the title of the (max. 6) individual contributions and the names of the lecturers as well as the added value of a symposium presentation compared to individual lectures. It is NOT required to submit individual abstracts of lectures that are included in the symposium.

Oral: Workshop report from the practice: From practice to research: Ideas about research projects out of GPs/FMs office 4 min presentation, 8 min discussion. Practitioners get the possibility to combine their own experience with ideas about research

Oral: Science Slam: popular format of presenting results of scientific work: within 10 minutes you can evoke enthusiasm for science and address the public emotionally. They will vote for the best presentations which are proclaimed immediately at the end of the session.

Oral: Lecture: 10 min, 5 min discussion

Oral: 1 Slide – 5 minutes lecture: 3 min presentation, 2 min discussion

The PowerPoint slide for the ‘One slide-five-minute’ presentation must be sent before the Conference. It is not possible to upload the slide for this presentation from the Speakers Lounge during the conference.

Case presentation by young doctors: Discussion of Diagnostic/Therapie with cases: 5 min presentation, 10 min discussion for young doctors and mentors

Poster: Poster can be presented on paper at congress venue or only electronically. Special screens and search functions for that will be on site. Two options are available:
  • Poster on paper + ePoster: Poster in paper format, which will be hung during the congress, but also available electronically
  • ePoster only: ePosters can be searched and viewed on special screens, they are not hung up

Abstracts Submission Instructions

  • Abstracts for WONCA Europe Conference must be in English. Abstracts for DEGAM must be in German.
  • Submitted abstracts must be original. Abstracts previously published or presented at an international scientific meeting cannot be submitted.
  • Fill in the submitting author's name and e-mail address properly - these contact details will serve for further correspondence with the author(s).
  • Please indicate the appropriate Conference topic and sub-topic.
  • The abstract title should have no more than 20 words.
  • The maximum length of the body of the abstract for an oral presentation, poster presentation and workshop is 250 words. Tables and/or pictures are not accepted as part of the abstract.
  • EACME Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
    Mandatory for oral presenters (for presenters only not for all co-authors) - completing this form is required by European Accreditation Council on CME (EACCME®). Presenters who do not submit this form will not be allowed to present at the Conference.
    Please download the form here (.doc format).
  • Each delegate can present up to 4 (four) activities although he might be as a co-author in more than four.